Me: She had 200 sex partners over the years of her life…

My Friend: Nahhh, 200!? You know what 200 people look like in a room? You could shut down a club….

"He is a walking dream…"


I’m glad we can devote every media resource on earth to Robin Williams but barely any to Michael Brown.

I mean i grew up watching Robin too and it’s tragic and sad, but why is it not also tragic and sad when a brown person dies? Is MURDERED?Β 

PLUS, Robin Williams wanted to die. no disrespect to him. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for a wealthy, white male who couldn’t deal with the made up sorrows of his reality. Black people are force fed that reality everyday. He killed himself, and the world is killing Blacks. Facts are facts. Lets stop fucking around and REFOCUS. Wake up people, we’re at war.

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